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Early Warning System

Staff members at Struthers City Schools are dedicated to providing academic and behavior instruction in order to allow students to achieve academic success. In order to ensure all students receive the highest educational support our School District has partnered with the Mahoning County Juvenile Court to create an Early Warning System (EWS) team. These teams are comprised of school counselors, teachers, principals, SRO Officers, as well as Juvenile Court partners with experience in mental health and education. In addition to academic and behavioral instruction offered for all students, some students may need an addition intervention. The EWS team will provide these interventions to ensure the student has as many opportunities for success throughout their school experience as possible.

The EWS team members believe that students will benefit from an intervention plan based on his/her current attendance, behaviors, and grades. We believe that an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) will help with the student with these indicators, so the student can be more successful in school.

EWS Team's and the ISP's work this way:

  • The EWS team will determine the best interventions to utilize in the ISP based on your child's attendance, behavior, and grades that will allow them to improve and achieve success in school.
  • An ISP is an individualized intervention plan for your child that focuses on providing supports to help him/her engage in positive behaviors and obtain success in school.
  • The EWS team will utilize school based interventions, as well as community resources, and specialized court programs in the ISP in order to ensure your son or daughter receives the highest quality and individualized care.
  • An additional resource that is now available to your son or daughter, through the EWS, is access to a free and confidential behavioral health screening. With a parent consent, a brief screening can be completed by a Master's level counselor and can provide helpful feedback and recommendations for additional supports and resources.

If you have any question, please contact the EWS Team Leader, Yvonne Wilson, at (330) 750-1062, ext. 41391. You may also contact your schools administrator or schools guidance counselor for further information. Download the EWS Authorization Form here; the EWS Behavioral Screening Consent Form for Elementary Students or the EWS Behavioral Screening Consent Form for MIddle & High Students; and the EWS Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. Download more information about the Behavorial Health Screening.

Our Groups

Girls Circle

Girls Circle is a structured group for girls 11-14 and 15-18, promoting resiliency in preteen, adolescent girls, and young women. Our purpose is to encourage the development of strength, courage, confidence, honesty, and communication skills for all girls. The goal is to create a safe environment for girls to develop and enhance their abilities so they are able to take full advantage of their talents, academic interests, career pursuits, and potential healthy relationships. To learn more about the Girls Circle, download the informational sheet above.

The Council

The Council promotes strength, responsibility and community in preteen and adolescent boys and young men. The Council recognizes boys’ strengths and capacities, challenges stereotypes, questions unsafe attitudes about masculinity, and encourages solidarity through personal and collective responsibility. The Council incorporates a relational-cultural framework and masculinity research practices, building on boys’ abilities and creating opportunities for resilient actions and relationships in boys and young men’s lives. To learn more about The Council, download the informational sheet above.

Available Interventions

  • Peer Tutoring
  • Academic Intervention
  • Early Warning System Recommendation Letter
  • EWS Behavioral Health Screening
  • Psycare Referral
  • Grief Counseling
  • Interest Inventory
  • EWS Girls’ Circle
  • EWS Boys’ Group
  • 504 Plan
  • IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
  • Transitional Services
  • Parent Conference
  • Phone Conference
  • Positive Action
  • Prosecutor Notice
  • Truancy Referral