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  • There will be no school on Friday, February 15th and Monday, February 18th. Enjoy the long weekend!
  • Mark Your Calendar: Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, February 14th!
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Struthers Elementary School

Struthers Elementary Staff Directory

We are here to help you and your child succeed. Please contact us anytime for any questions or concerns.

Main Office: (330) 750-1065

Bethany Carlson, Lead Principal

(330) 750-1065, Ext. 41511

Joan Jones, Principal

(330) 750-1065, Ext. 41512

Sher Cycyk, Secretary

(330) 750-1065, Ext. 41513

Tami Slaina, Secretary

(330) 750-1065, Ext. 41510

Maria Ginnetti, Nurse

(330) 750-1065, Ext. 41533

Doug Weitzman, Guidance

(330) 750-1065, Ext. 41554

Josephine Vogel, Speech


Mary Spatholt, Cafeteria

(330) 750-1065, Ext. 41525

Teachers Directory


Debra Danyi, debra.danyi@strutherscityschools.org

Evelyn Kovach, evelyn.kovach@strutherscityschools.org

Jamie Monico, jamie.monico@struthercityschools.org

Irene Rivera, irene.rivera@strutherscityschools.org

Heather Sebest, heather.sebest@strutherscityschools.org

Lyndsey West, lyndsey.west@strutherscityschools.org

Grade 1

Amanda Cavanaugh, amanda.cavanaugh@strutherscityschools.org

Gina Cope, gina.cope@strutherscityschools.org

Jaclyn Hanna, jaclyn.hanna@strutherscityschools.org

Janeen Lattanzio, janeen.lattanzio@strutherscityschools.org

Janyce Lawrence, janyce.lawrence@strutherscityschools.org

Carolyn Rinehart, carolyn.rinehart@strutherscityschools.org

Amanda Rothgeb, amanda.rothgeb@strutherscityschools.org

Grade 2

Nanette Angelilli, nanette.angelilli@strutherscityschools.org

Mayssa Bittar, mayssa.bittar@strutherscityschools.org

Cecilia Lange, cecilia.lange@strutherscityschools.org

Christine Mosca, christine.mosca@strutherscityschools.org

Katie Olson, katie.olson@strutherscityschools.org

Cheryl Ryan, cheryl.ryan@strutherscityschools.org

Laurie Serenko, laurie.serenko@strutherscityschools.org

Grade 3

Megan Chifolo, megan.chifolo@strutherscityschools.org

Diana Hauser, diana.hauser@strutherscityschools.org

Christine Johnstone, christine.johnstone@strutherscityschools.org

Alexis McBride, alexis.mcbride@strutherscityschools.org

Toni Meese, toni.meese@strutherscityschools.org

Shelley Stenglein, shelley.stenglein@strutherscityschools.org

Amy Thompson, amy.thompson@strutherscityschools.org

Grade 4

Cheryl Chuck, cheryl.chuck@strutherscityschools.org

Samantha Ditman, samantha.ditman@strutherscityschools.org

Courtney Gratz, courtney.gratz@struthercityschools.org

Pam Jones, pam.jones@strutherscityschools.org

Lisa Ostrowski, lisa.ostrowski@strutherscityschools.org

Amy Sainato, amy.sainato@strutherscityschools.org

Special Services

Laurie Brinsko, laurie.brinsko@strutherscityschools.org

Judy Leone, judy.leone@strutherscityschools.org

Molly Martin, molly.martin@strutherscityschools.org

Elizabeth Pickens, elizabeth.pickens@strutherscityschools.org

Lynda Rohan, lynda.rohan@strutherscityschools.org

Lori Williams, lori.williams@strutherscityschools.org


Jessica Tomko, jessica.tomko@strutherscityschools.org


Anita Brodnan, anita.brodnan@strutherscityschools.org

Physical Education

Kaitlyn Carver, kaitlyn.carver@strutherscityschools.org


Al Masi, al.masi@strutherscityschools.org


Sandra Horvath, sandra.horvath@strutherscityschools.org


Sarah Tringhese, sarah.tringhese@strutherscityschools.org

Title 1

Millie Manning, millie.manning@strutherscityschools.org

Dora Zanni, dora.zanni@strutherscityschools.org

Diana Zetts, diana.zetts@strutherscityschools.org

Christine Murphy, christine.murphy@strutherscityschools.org

RTI Tutors

Melissa DelBoccio, melissa.delboccio@strutherscityschools.org

Maggie Evanson, maggie.evanson@strutherscityschools.org

Stephanie Yon, stephanie.yon@strutherscityschools.org

Nancy Birch, nancy.birch@struthercityschools.com

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February 2019

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End of Second Twelve Weeks

Mon 25

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March 2019

Fri 1

Report Cards Issued

Fri 1

Read Across America Day

Fri 1

Candy Sale Ends

Fri 1

Right to Read Week

Sun 10

Daylight Savings Time Begins

Struthers Elementary School Staff Directory


Struthers City School District Mission Statement

Struthers City Schools will serve our community by offering rigorous, diverse and quality learning opportunities while developing the abilities of each child so they become independent, life-long learners who positively impact society.

Struthers City School District Vision Statement

Struthers City Schools, raising expectations through innovation and collaboration.

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